How to Log in to Roadhouse Employee Account on

Txrhlive is a web portal for Texas Roadhouse Family to allow their employees to access their TXRH Live employee account from home and abroad through 

 Txrhlive is a job portal where workers and non-workers can search for job-related offers by just entering their logins for Txrhlive for the Texas Roadhouse Family employment account.

When you enter your Texas Roadhouse Family account you will be able to see all job-related information or offer in your account.

Meanwhile, the only requirement to see job information in the Texas Roadhouse Family is the Txrh live password and username. If you forgot your Txrhlive password you can use the recovery option or contact Txrhlive to recover your login information which includes the username and password.

Txrhlive Login

There are certainly different logins for different information for the Texas Roadhouse Family employee.

The Texas employee login is different for one purpose to another. If you do not want to access the site through you can check your benefit using the benefit login directly. If you are to log in for the first time to your store employees’ account to use this link:

How to Access TXRH Live Employee Account

If you are employed as one of the Tx RH live members you can follow these procedures to access your employee account to see job-related information.

  1. Open your browser and go to the Txrh live web portal at
  2. The Txrh live portal is written in English by default. However, you can change the language to your official language if your default language isn’t English.
  3. Enter your Txrh Live username and password
  4. Click on the “Sign On” button

Txrh Live

Now, you will be logged into your Txrh Live account on Texas Roadhouse Family to be able to have access to current and old job-related offers.

How to Recover Txrhlive Password

You can recover your forgotten password on Txrh live if you are an employee of the Texas Roadhouse Family. 

  1. Open your browser and go to
  2. Click on forgot password
  3. Enter your username 
  4. Click on the submit button

Login to Txrh Live for the first time

Texas Roadhouse Login

If you are logging into your Txrh live site for the first time as a new employee or an old employee at Texas Roadhouse. The following information is needed to access Txrh live for new users or employees.

  • Last employee Name
  • Last 6 digits of the SSN
  • Date of Birth
  • Submit

Make sure to pass the robotic text to be able to submit your new application.

How to Contact Txrh Live

As an employee or a new user, you can contact Txrh live Texas Roadhouse for assistance. You can contact the organization on phone as well as by email address.

To contact Txrhlive by phone call the phone number below.

Roadie Support Phone Number- 855-698-7446

Txrhlive Temporary Login

The first timer is provided with a temporary login on to login into the roadhouse site. The Txrh live temporary password will expire immediately after you log into the account for the first time.

However, to continue using the platform you must create a new password with your username to log in.

TXRH Live Security Questions

Security questions are a measure put in place to protect your account from unauthorized access from accessing your account. Therefore, you may be asked to choose three different security questions and provide answers to them to be able to recover Txrh live password when misplaced or forgotten.

TXRH Storm Info

The TXRH Storm Info is an option for employees or users to receive storm information or weather-related updates. Therefore, if you are craving for this, you must subscribe to the TXRH storm information in your employee’s account by clicking on the TXRH storm info button.

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