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Kodama Aoimizu is a young long jump athlete who trains in Japan. He has competed in many competitions, including the World Youth Championships and the World Junior Championships. Kodama Aiomizu is also considered to be one of the best younger athletes currently competing in Japan today.

How old is Kodama Aoimizu?

Kodama Aoimizu is a 20-year-old long jumper from Japan.was born in 2001, making her an adult athlete at the ripe old age of 20.

She is a member of the Japan National Team and won silver at the 2018 Asian Games. she competed in Rio de Janeiro at the 2016 Summer Olympics.

What school does Kodama Aoimizu currently attend?

Kodama Aoimizu currently attends Yamaguchi Prefectural Tsurugaoka Hachiman High School.

Kodama is a high school student, who’s majoring in athletics and human movement sports.

He has been playing soccer since he was in elementary school, and his dream is to become a professional soccer player. Kodama’s favorite position is forward. He enjoys dribbling, passing, and shooting—all very important skills for a forward.

How tall is Kodama Aoimizu

Kodama Aoimizu is a Japanese long jumper. He has a height of 1.93 m (6 ft 4 in) and weighs 83 kg (184 lbs).

Kodama Aoimizu is the same height as:

  • Leroy Sane – English footballer who plays for Manchester City and the Germany national team

– Leroy Sane is a German professional footballer who plays as an attacking midfielder for Premier League club Manchester City and the German national team. He has a height of 1.93 m (6 ft 4 in) and weighs 83 kg (184 lbs).

What weight classification is Kodama Aoimizu?

Weight classes are used in many sports, including athletics, boxing, and wrestling. The weight of an athlete is usually determined by his or her body mass index (BMI). BMI is a measurement that allows you to determine if an individual is underweight or overweight based on height and weight.

To ensure that athletes compete against others of similar weight, athletes are grouped into one of four categories: lightest (less than 52 kg), normal (52–55 kg), heavy (56–61 kg), or super heavyweight (>61 kg).

What are Kodama Aoimizu’s most recent results in competitions?

Kodama Aoimizu has competed in many major competitions, including the Olympics and World Championships.

Kodama Aoimizu’s latest results are as follows:

  • Most recent competition: Rio 2020 Olympics – Women’s Long Jump (7th place)
  • Most recent event: World Athletics Championships – Long Jump (5th place)
  • Most recent results in major competitions: World Athletics Championships – Long Jump (5th place); World Athletics Championships – Triple Jump; Asian Games – Women’s Triple Jump

What personal bests has Kodama Aoimizu achieved in competitions?

  • Personal bests are the best results an athlete has achieved in a competition.
  • They can be used to measure how well an athlete is performing, and are often used to determine qualification for events.

Athletics records are important because they show how fast an athlete can run a race or how far they can throw a javelin. They also show the best times for different events, such as the 100-meter sprint and long jump. The records are useful because they can be used to measure how good an athlete is at their particular sport.

How does Kodama Aoimizu train for their sport?

Kodama Aoimizu long jump athlete training includes a variety of exercises that are designed to improve their strength, speed, and agility. The athlete will work on flexibility, balance, and coordination in the gym before going out into the field or court to practice.

They will also have access to all sorts of equipment such as medicine balls, jump ropes, and weights that they can use while working out. This allows them to get a full workout every day without having too many options when it comes down time for them to try something new!

Kodama Aoimizu long jump athlete also makes sure they stay fit by doing cardio workouts like running or swimming as well as strength training with weights or bands around their arms/legs (depending on what type of sport).

Who is Kodama Aoimizu’s coach and what other athletes are on the team with Kodama Aoimizu?

Kodama Aoimizu is a young long jump athlete with a bright future. He has the support of his coach, Kodama Aiomizu, who has worked with other athletes to help them improve their skills and make better use of their time.

This includes training with other young athletes on the team to help them improve as well.

Aiomizu is a young long jumper and has the potential to be one of the best in his sport. He is currently training with other athletes to improve his skills so that he can compete in events around the world. His coach, Kodama Aiomizu, has worked hard to help him reach his full potential.

Kodama Aiomizu is a young long jump athlete with a bright future.

Kodama Aiomizu is a young long jump athlete with a bright future. He was born in Japan and currently lives in Tokyo. He has been competing in athletics since he was young, first winning medals at national competitions before going on to represent his country at international events such as the Olympics and World Championships.

Kodama’s talent has earned him many awards over the years; he won gold medals at both the Asian Games and World Athletics Championships in 2017. In addition to these victories, Kodama has also performed well during other major competitions such as those held by the IAAF (International Association of Athletics Federations), where he claimed fourth place overall after jumping 7 meters 1 centimeter (m/cm).


Kodama Aiomizu is a promising young long jumper who has had a stellar career in her short time on the circuit. She has already set several personal bests and record-breaking marks, and her future looks bright with many more years of success ahead. Kodama Aoimizu is an incredible athlete that any fan would love to see compete at the highest level of international competition.

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