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Makoy Juice Is Beneficial In All Kinds Of Pain, Know 5 Benefits Of Makoy

Makoy Juice Is Beneficial In All Kinds Of Pain, Know 5 Benefits Of Makoy

There are many health benefits of Makoy that can benefit your body. Sometime back a news related to Makoy had also gone viral due to which it had become quite famous. Its benefits were also seen during COVID 19.

 If you are more troubled by arthritis or period pain, then using Makoy instead of taking pain killer will be more beneficial, because it will not cause you any side effects. 

By consuming pain killer, you get relief from pain, but you can also see losses related to immunity. Let us know some of the health benefits of Makoy.

5 benefits of Makoy – (Health Benefits Of Makoy)

Pain and period cramps relief

Pain during periods or pain due to any type of infection is an important part of life. To remove them, instead of pain killer, you should take Makoy. 

Makoy has anti-pyretic properties that help you get relief from pain. If you have pain due to inflammation, joint pain or stiffness, then definitely take Makoy.

Decoction of Makoy is also effective in jaundice

Macoy leaves contain anti-oxidants. The one who consumes decoction of Makoy regularly, his liver gets a lot of benefit. That’s why when someone has liver disease or jaundice, he is advised to drink decoction of Makoy. Consuming this helps in recovering very quickly.

beneficial for skin

Makoy has anti oxidants and anti microbial properties. Makoy has therapeutic properties that help in the regeneration of cells. This will eliminate most of the problems related to your skin and helps you to get a clear skin. 

If you have spots or marks etc. on the skin or there are marks of sun burn on the skin, then make a face pack of Makoy and apply it on the skin.

Helpful in curing UTI

Makoy contains phyto chemicals as well as has anti microbial properties due to which UTI does not happen again and again. Consuming Makoy increases vaginal secretion and urine output. 

This helps in flushing out all the bacteria present inside the body, due to which all the bacteria and toxins are flushed out and the risk of getting UTI in the next time also reduces.

It also helps in calming anxiety

Makoy is diuretic in nature. If you sometimes feel that for some reason you do not sleep at night or are very scared, then start consuming Makoy regularly. This also gives you relief in reducing anxiety etc. It has oxidative properties which help in increasing the oxygen level.



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