Ptosis and List of Renowned Celebrities who have Droopy Eyes

We all have heard the saying that your eyes are windows to your soul. And this statement is a hundred percent accurate. Your eyes share how you are feeling at any given point. They will communicate if you feel happy or sad, scared or excited. Your eyes instantly share what you are feeling without any filter or concealing.

Every person has a different eye shape, ranging from round to almond, upturned to hooded. Unique iris colors also add to our physical beauty and include eye colors like brown, blue, black, green, gray, hazel, purple, amber, and many more. However, several internal and external conditions can affect your beautiful vision.

In this article, we will focus on one condition that can physically alter the shape of your eye and can even hinder your vision. Ptosis is a condition that affects the upper lid of your eye, making it sink over your iris and giving the effect of droopy eyes. We will also share a list of celebrities with eye ptosis to help you realize that even your favorite Hollywood personalities can suffer from this condition.

This article will briefly discuss ptosis and how it affects your eyesight. After sharing the possible causes of this nerve dysfunction, we will shed light on the treatment for ptosis. Reading the above information will help you learn that this condition is common, and anyone from newborn kids to adults can be affected by ptosis. Let us understand the basic information about this eye condition before going through our list of celebrities with chin ptosis.

What is Ptosis?

Blepharoptosis or commonly known as ptosis is a nerve condition that causes the upper lid of your eye to droop over your eyeball. It can give the appearance of droopy eyes, making your face appear exhausted. Ptosis occurs when the nerves in your eyelid, namely the oculomotor nerve and the superior tarsal muscle, become impaired. Due to their dysfunctioning, the appearance of your eye changes.

Anyone from a child to a grown adult can get ptosis. Some people are born with this condition, giving their eyes fatigue or a closed look. When the eyelids drop heavily on the iris, it can hinder the person’s vision, forcing them to tilt their head back to view. This droopy eye ailment also results from an eye tumor, cancer, diabetes, and neurological disorders. However, ptosis is surgically treatable and will help restore vision and the cosmetic appearance of the eyelid.

Famous Celebrities who have Ptosis or Droopy Eyes:

Now that we have shared basic information about ptosis, including potential causes and treatment, it’s time to recognize some people that have or previously had ptosis. Here is our list featuring the top ten celebrities with ptosis:

  1. Forest Whitaker: One of the most notable Hollywood actors known for his ptosis is Forest Whitaker. The Academy Award-winning star has talked candidly about his eye and refuses to undergo surgery to correct it.
  1. John F Kennedy: The former American president, John F Kennedy, is another name on our list of celebrity droopy eyelids. The 35th president had droopy eyelids that made his eyes appear smaller.
  1. Paris Hilton: The famous American model, singer, and actress Paris Hilton also has droopy eyes. Her left eye is smaller than her right eye, but the star often resorts to makeup to conceal the difference.
  1. Steve Buscemi: Critically-acclaimed American actor and filmmaker Steve Buscemi also suffers from ptosis. The star has droopy eyes, with his left eye being smaller than the right one, paired with his wonky vision.
  1. Alicia Keys: Joining our list of female celebrities with ptosis is New York-based singer and songwriter Alicia Keys. The fifteen-times Grammy-winning star has a slightly smaller right eye visible on close inspection.
  1. Ryan Gosling: Another Hollywood A-list actor with a droopy eye is Ryan Gosling. The Canadian actor’s eyelids are lowered with ptosis and give his eyes a hooded look, adding to the star’s charismatic appeal.
  1. Demi Moore: American actress Demi Moore is also known for her slightly dropped eyes. The GI Jane and Ghost actor’s right upper eyelid has dropped with age, making her right eye appear smaller.
  1. Thom Yorke: UK-based singer and musician Thom Yorke also features on our list of celebrities with ptosis. Thom was born with paralyzed eyes. The surgery to his eye restored his vision but resulted in a droopy eyelid.
  1. Kristen Bell: American TV and movie actress Kristen Bell is another celebrity who has droopy eyes. The actress has deep-set eyes that, paired with droopy eyelids, give her eyes the appearance of ptosis.
  1. Russell Crowe: Academy Award-winning actor Russell Crowe is another notable celebrity with ptosis. The star has heavy eyelids that droop and cover a significant part of his iris, making them appear smaller.


We hope this article helped you learn about celebrities who suffer from ptosis or droopy eyes. As explained above, anyone from young children to aging adults can have ptosis. This condition can result from various factors also listed above. We have included an extensive list of famous celebrities with ptosis to help you understand that anyone can suffer from this droopy eye condition. If you or your loved ones have ptosis, don’t worry, as this ailment is treatable with surgery.

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