The Story of Rae Lil Black

Rae Lil Black is many things, including the owner of a popular Twitch account, a social media personality, and an adult film actor. Apart from this, the actress has gained fame for her love of metal to the extent that she is training to play drums.

And, surprisingly for many, the popular woman is also well-educated, contrary to beliefs about women in her career path. Pretty interesting, right? So more interesting facts about the 23-year-old need to be dug up.


Not much is known about her family and background, but she was born in 1996. She also celebrates her birthday on December 17. Her parents died when she was still young, about eight years old.

Rae Lil Black was murdered in cold blood in Japan, which poor Rae witnessed. She was traumatized and chose to keep quiet for a few years before finally moving on and working really hard at school to stay busy. He was raised by his foster parents, Mr. and Mrs. Cooper.

Ethnically, Rae is a Japanese American.

He pursued a Bachelor of Arts on campus but later shifted his career to something completely different.

The career of Rae Lil Black

With a natural hourglass figure, the actress attracts a good fan following. She loves and takes pride in being a porn star, which she passionately talks about in interviews and social media posts. Also, she has a PornHub page and a Twitter account dedicated to acting, which she never forgets to mention.

In 2019, she was chosen as the presenter of the PornHub Awards, which she says surprised and excited her at the same time. At least she was famous after all. He was quoted.

The most interesting part about the actor’s passion is his love for metal. She is into ’80s rock and hard rock music, which she says she got from CDs her father gave her. She has many favorites in her music and even participates in the band’s tours.

More interestingly, the background music of some of his films is metal, which he said in an interview was a conscious decision. She finds that it makes performing and watching movies more fun, as she already has a thing for music.

He enrolled in a drumming class, which he says was encouraged by Tommy Lee. She hopes to do an AC/DC track for her first drumming session when she learns.

Seeing that she is a social media influencer, she gets modeling jobs with fashion companies.

Last but not least, Young travels between Asia, Europe, and the US for impressive work.

General Outlook

Rae is Asian, and the general facial expression says it all. It belongs to Japan. She has attractive straight black hair, which she wears in a ponytail or leaves loose. The hair easily blends with her attractive brown eyes.

Her hourglass figure is one of the biggest draws for fans, while her flower plant tattoo on the back of her body says it all. She is wild and happy to be one.

Rae Lil Black Parents Murdered

According to reports, Rae Lil Black’s biological parents were killed by the Japanese organized crime group, the Yakuza. Roy’s Cooper parents were murdered when she was eight years old.

According to reports, Rae Lil Black’s biological father’s name was Daichi Tama Matsuzawa, and his biological mother’s name was Idean Matsuzawa. After the death of her biological parents, Rae moved from her hometown of Osaka to Las Vegas, Nevada because she was adopted.

Roy’s parents now are Joseph Peter Cooper (father) and Alice Mary Cooper (mother). Thanks to them, Roy got good care and completed his UG from Pepperdine University.

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